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Arseweb presents: Arsenal Record-Breakers

This page is dedicated to the memory of the late great David Roycastle (sp)

Last update: following Boro 1 - 1 Arsenal on 03/02/07

being set

Records currently being set by the Arsenal

Most 1st class goals for Arsenal Thierry Henry: 226
Previous record of 185 set by Ian Wright, 1991 - 1998, which beat 30s Cliff Bastin's long-standing record of 178.
Henry passed Wrighty's mark in the 2-0 win over Sparta Prague on 18th October 2005, and went on to become to first ever Arsenal player to reach the 200 mark, against Birmingham on 4th February 2006.
See these players' pages (click on Ian or Thierry's name above) for more details.

Most league goals for Arsenal Thierry Henry: 174
Thierry beat Cliff Bastin's long-standing record of 150 when he deflected a Pires shot in, in the 3-2 home loss to West Ham on 1st Feb 2006. The living legend had equalled the other legend's tally of 150 with his hat-trick in the 7-0 drubbing of Middlesbrough on 14th January 2006.

Most European appearances for Arsenal: Thierry Henry: 83
Thierry beat David Seaman's record of 69, when he appeared in the 1-0 win over Thun on 22nd November 2005.

Most consecutive seasons in English top-flight: 81
Arsenal were elected (in contentious circumstances) to the old first division in 1919 (when football started again after a 4 year gap for the First World War), having dropped down to division 2 in 1913 (after gaining just 18 points in that season). We have never been relegated since. This is a record which will surely continue to be extended for the foreseeable future!
NB it's an 88-year spell but there were 7 years without top-flight football during the Second World War.

Most records held by one team: Count 'em yerself!
We challenge anyone to prove us wrong!

Potential Targets

Records currently held by the Arsenal

See above for those records held which are currently being extended.
Longest unbeaten sequence in top flight: 49
This is the unbeaten 2003-2004 season, plus the 2 wins at the end of the 2002-03 season, plus the first 9 matches of 2004-2005.
It started with a 6-1 home win over Southampton on 7th May 2002, and ended with the 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford on 24th October 2004. It beats the previous top-flight record of 42, achieved by Nottm Forest (Nov 1977 - Dec 1978) in the old Division 1. Forest's 42 was divided equally into wins and draws, with 58 goals scored and 22 conceded. For comparison, Arsenal's first 42 in this run included 30 wins and 12 draws, conceding 31 but scoring a whopping 92 (31 of them by Thierry Henry).
The 49-game run featured 36 wins, 13 draws, 108 goals for (36 from Henry) and 34 against.

Our run of 49 also beats the previous Premiership record of 30, also set by Arsenal in 2001-2002. This 30-game run started with an amazing against-the-odds 10 man win at Liverpool, on 23rd December 2001. The previous game had been a 1-3 home loss to Newcastle, which had left many Arsenal fans feeling pretty pessimistic about the season ahead! The sequence ended with the 2-1 loss at Everton on 19th October 2002
Previous record: 29, held by Manchester Utd (1998 - 1989).

Most consecutive clean sheets in the Champions League: 10
Achieved in 2005-06 (see the season's Champs League page for reports) . The record was clinched in Turin, and consists to date of the last 4 group stage matches and both legs of each of the first 2 knockout rounds. This includes 2 matches against each of Villarreal, Juventus, Real Madrid, and Sparta_Prague, as well as the home match against Ajax, and the away game at FC Thun in the group stage.

The run ended with the 2-1 loss to Barcelona in the final on 17the May 2006.

The previous record of 7 was held by Milan, who set it in 2004/05. Milan's run featured lesser teams such as Shakhtar Donetsk, Celtic, and Manchester United, and one match which was abandoned after 73 minutes but not replayed. See article for details.

I believe that our 16 and a half hours without conceding (8 matches plus the last 20 minutes of the Ajax game that preceded the run and the 76 minutes at the start of the Barcelona final that ended it) is also a record, but the previous record for that one was set 10 years ago... by Ajax. If anyone has details please send them in.

Longest time without conceding in Champ League by a keeper:
853 mins (Jens Lehmann)
Achieved over 3 seasons from 2004-05 through the whole of 2005-06 and ending in the last minute of his first match of 2006-07. Lehmann conceded in the 3-1 loss to Bayern_Munich that put us out at the first knockout stage in the first of these seasons, but kept a clean sheet in the return leg. He was suspended for the first 2 matches of the following season (in both of which, his stand-in Manuel Almunia did concede), then returned to become part of the record-breaking defence that kept 10 clean sheets in a row in the 2005-06 season. It ended with Hamburg's consolation goal in the first match of the group stage on 13/09/2006, Lehmann having again missed the first 2 games (the qualifying round matches against Dinamo Zagreb) through suspension. The suspension had been accrued thanks to Jens' early sending off in the 2006 final which was lost to 2 goals scored while Manuel Almunia was, again, standing in.

Previously, the record had been held by Edwin van der Sar, back when he was playing for Ajax before moving to the Premiership with Fulham. His record of 658 minutes fell to Lehmann 6 minutes into the second leg of the semi-final, against Villarreal on 25th April 2006.

Longest unbeaten away sequence in English league football: 27
Starting with a 1-all draw at Villa on 5th April 2003, add the remaining 3 away games of that season, the whole of the next season (another 19 matches), and the first 4 away games of 2004-05. The run was ended by the 2-0 defeat at Old Trafford on 24th October 2004.

The previous Premiership record was 23, also by Arsenal, spanning the whole of the 2001-2002 season, and into 2002/03, ended with the 2-1 loss at Everton on 19th October 2002

This is an English league (as well as top-flight and Premiership) record. Before Wenger's Arsenal, the record was 22, set by Nottingham Forest (Nov 1977 to Dec 1978)

Longest unbeaten home sequence in Premiership: 33
The sequence started with the last home game of 2002-03, included all 19 of 2003-04, and continued into 2004-05 up to the 4-2 loss to Man Utd on 1st February. This beat our own previous record set in 1997-1999, starting with a win over Leicester on Boxing Day 1997 (thanks to a bizarre own goal by Steve Walsh), lasting through the whole of the 1998-99 season, to a 2-1 win over Leicester on 7th August 1999, and ended by a 2-1 defeat to Man Utd on 22nd August.
The top-flight and overall English league record is a bit further off. Between January 1978 and January 1981, Liverpool went 63 home league games without losing!
Fewest defeats in top-flight English season: 0
The unbeaten 2003-2004 season set a new standard for consistency at the top level of English football.

This equalled the record of zero losses which was set by the Preston North End "Invincibles" in 1888-1889, but they only had to play 22 matches, against geezers in hats, so no-one considers it to be half the achievement of Wenger's Arsenal (although to be fair to PNE, they were truly "invincible" that season since they won the double, and they did also score more goals than us (74 in the league).

The previous modern-day record was 1, established by Arsenal in the championship-winning 1990-1991 season.

Longest unbeaten start to season: 38
Reached 38 in finishing the 2003-2004 season unbeaten, see above. The previous top-flight record was 29, achieved by Leeds (1973-74) and Liverpool (1987-88), both in the old Division 1.

Previous Premiership record was 12, also held by Arsenal (in 1997-98), but jointly with Villa (1998-99), Forest (1995-96), and Liverpool (2002-03).

Arsenal's previous best start to the season was the 23 games unbeaten at the start of 1990-91. The second-best, 17 games, was in 1947-48. We won the title both times.

Longest unbeaten sequence in a season: 38
Again, achieved in the unbeaten 2003-2004 season. The previous record was 30, achieved by Burnley (1920-21) in the old division 1. It is possible that this record could be broken in a lower division than the Premiership, without a team going the whole season unbeaten, because they play more games.

Most consecutive scoring league games in English domestic football: 55
Previous record: 46 by Chesterfield who achieved it in Division 3 North in 1929-1931 See this Evening Standard page for details. The Spireites scorers including one George Hunt, who scored 9 in 14 games before joining Tottenham. He then made the "Sol switch" to Arsenal in time for the 1938 championship. Chesterfield's run came to an end when forced to play 3 games in 3 days at Xmas 1931!
The last match in which Arsenal failed to score (before the run) was a 0-0 draw at Newcastle on 15/05/01.
The run then started with a 2-3 loss away to Southampton on 19/05/01 (the last match of the 2000-2001 season). It was brought to an end by a 2-0 loss at Man Utd on 07/12/02.
The run extended from the end of the 2000-2001 season, all the way through the double-winning 2001-2002 season, and into the 2002-2003 up to and including the 3-1 win over Villa on 30/11/02.

Most consecutive scoring games in English top flight: 55
see above for details of the run
Previous record (44) set by Manchester City, who coincidentally Arsenal had to beat to equal that record. Man City did it in 1936-1937. See this BBC page for more. Particularly intriguing is the fact that while their scoring feats helped them to the title in 1937, they didn't help so much the next season. In fact, the following season 1937-1938, they finished division 1 as top scorers, but were relegated, thus achieving two unique feats of being relegated both as league champions and top scorers. Wow, that defence must have been bad! Suddenly their appointing Kevin Keegan makes a lot more sense...

Most consecutive scoring away matches: 27
Spanning the 2001-2002 and 2002-2003 seasons.

Previous record of 24 held by Manchester United who did it over seasons 2000-2001, 2001-2002, and 2002-2003. It came to an end with a 1-0 loss at Elland Road. This is definitely a Premiership record, we're not sure if it also a top-flight or English league record.

See above for details of the run.

Most consecutive wins in a single top-flight English season: 13
Established at end of 2001-2002 season. The run started with the 1-0 win at Everton on 10/02/01, thanks to a Wiltord fluke! It ended against Everton again, with the 4-3 home win that ended the double-winning season on 11/05/02.
Previous record (11) held by Tottenham, 1960-1961 season.

Most consecutive wins in English top-flight: 14
Established at end of 2001-2002 season and start of 2002-2003 season.
Basically it's the above record with the Home win over Birmingham at start of 2002-2003 season tagged on the end.
Previous record (13) held by Tottenham again, over the course of 2 seasons in 1960. Preston North End and Sunderland both did it too, and both in the 1891-1892 season).

This record also equals the overall English record (across all divisions). Man Utd (1904-05), Bristol City (1905-06) and Preston North End (1950-51) have all achieved 14 consecutive wins, all in the old 2nd division.

Most consecutive away wins in a Premiership season: 8
Established in 2001-2002 season
Started with 3-2 win at Leicester on 23/01/02.
Ended with double-clinching 1-0 win at Old Trafford on 08/05/02.
We drew our first away game of the 2002-2003 season 2-2 at West Ham.

Fewest defeats in Premiership season: 0
Achieved in the unbeaten 2003-04 season (see above).

Previous record, was 3, held jointly by Arsenal (double-winning 2001-2002 season) with with Man Utd (1998-1999 and 1999-2000) and Chelsea (1998-1999)

Longest winning Premiership sequence against one team: 11
Against Man City:
1994/95: H 3-0 (20/08/95)    A 2-1 (12/12/94)
1995/96: A 1-0 (10/09/95)    H 3-1 (05/03/96)
2000/01: H 5-0 (28/10/00)    A 4-0 (11/04/01)
2002/03: H 2-1 (10/09/02)    A 5-1 (22/02/03)
2003/04: A 2-1 (31/08/03)    H 2-1 (01/02/04)
2004/05: A 1-0 (25/09/03)    
The sequence came to an end with the 1-1 draw at Highbury on 4th Jan 2005.

Least amount of time spent off the top of the table in a season: 0
In 1947/48, Arsenal won the league having never been off the top of the table, the only club to achieve this in the English top-flight
It's worth noting that the introduction of different start times (and days) for matches has made this record much harder to match. For example, despite havign been top of the table at the end of every day up to 26th September 2004, Arsenal had already been off the top twice in 2004-05, thanks to earlier kick-off times for other teams.

Most top-flight matches in one season: 70
Arsenal set this record in 1979-80 with....
42 League matches
11 FA Cup matches
9 Cup-Winner Cup matches
7 League Cup matches
1 Charity Shield match

Thanks to John Pickford for sending this one. As far as we (Derek) can tell, the closest other contenders are Liverpool in 2000/01 (38 Prem + 13 UEFA + 6 FAC + 6 LC = 63) and and Man Utd in 1998/99 (38 Prem + 13 CL + 8 FAC + 3 LC + 1 CS = 63).
John also says of the 79/80 season, "I remember talking to an Australian journalist at the time (my old mans in the newspaper business) who had just written an piece saying that Australian Rules players played too many games in a season - at the time about 24 if they got to the grand final. I told him of our schedule and he was so impressed he retracted the whole thing in his next article and instead detailed the amount of matches Arsenal had had to endure during their season."

Most consecutive FA Cup matches won (modern era): 21
Achieved between 1979 (when we won it) and 1980 (when we lost in the final). Tottenham come closest with 18 in 1981 & 1982 before losing in the 5th round in 1983. Strictly speaking, Blackburn Rovers hold the record with a 24 game run set when they won it 3 times in a row towards the end of the 19th century.

Most appearances in FA Cup final: 17
Arsenal reached 17 thanks to the 3-0 win over Blackburn in the semi of 2005 (taking us to our 4th final in 5 years). This kept us level with Manchester United who joined us on 17 with their own semi-final win the next day. But we're still 1 FA Cup win behind United.

Most appearances in FA Cup semi-final: 25
Arsenal equalled Everton's long-standing record of 23 by beating Chelsea in the quarter-final replay of 2003. Two more were added in 2004 and 2005 (also making it 5 semis in a row which might be a record too?). Man Utd equalled Everton's tally in 2004 and reached 24 in 2005.

Most consecutive FA cup semi-finals???: 5
We're speculating that this is a record, anyone know any different? It was achieved in 2001-2005, with 4 of those years resulting in an appearance in the final as well.

Most Player of the Year awards: 3 (Thierry Henry)
This is the FWA version. Several players have won it twice but only Henry has the hat-trick. He is also the only player to win it in successive years (2003 and 2004). See Newsreel article).

Most FA Cup games played: 408
(at end of 2003/04 season). Man Utd are second on 390.

Most FA Cup games won: 216
(at end of 2003/04 season). Man Utd are second on 209.

Most league and cup doubles: 3
Seasons 1970-1971, 1997-1998, and 2001-2002.
Record held jointly with Man Utd (1993-1994, 1995-1996, and 1998-1999)

Most League Cup and FA Cup doubles: 1
Achieved in 1993 when we beat Sheffield Wednesday in both Cup Finals (the FA Cup final on a replay. The record is held jointly with Liverpool who, to be fair, also bagged the UEFA Cup in the same season.

Most away points in a league season: 47
Established in 2001-2002 season.

Most league titles won at White Hart Lane: 2
Achieved in 1970/71 and 2003/04, equalling Tottenham's own record (which incidentally is their total number of league titles won).

Most league titles won at Stamford Bridge: 2
Achieved in the 1930s, beating Chelsea's total number of league titles by 1 (thanks to Andy Kelly for this stat).

Most consecutive league titles: 3
Arsenal won the league in 1933, 1934, and 1935.
This feat is equalled by Huddersfield Town (1924 to 1926), Liverpool (1982 to 1984) and Manchester United (1999 to 2001, a sequence bracketed on both sides by Arsenal).

First player to win consecutive golden boots: Thierry Henry
In 2003/2004 and 2004/2005. "I love to make history. To be the first player to ever have done this for two years in a row is a special honour. Hopefully I will one day be remembered as a player who made an impact. ". Yeah, one day Thierry, perhaps....

Most black players in an English club team: 9
Away to Leeds, 28/09/2002 (see report). The nine were: Cole, Campbell, Lauren, Toure, Vieira, Gilberto, Wiltord, Henry, Kanu.

First black captain to win the league : Patrick Vieira
In 2003-04. (pretty sure this is right - happy to be corrected if we've forgotten someone)

Most players in an England team: 7
For the "Battle of Highbury" England vs Italy match of 1934-1935 (the year we got our championship hat-trick). See England Footbal Online. Among the 7 were Cliff Bastin (whose Arsenal goalscoring record stood until Ian Wright came along), Wilf Copping, and Ted Drake (making his England debut).

Most goals for England U21s: Franny Jeffers (13)
(Joint record) Franny equalled Alan Shearer's record of 13 England U21 goals with the equaliser in the 1-1 draw with Turkey on 1st April 2003

Most goals by a Frenchman playing at a foreign club: (Thierry Henry)
Previous record was 104, set by Platini at Juventus. See above for Henry's current tally, still being extended. Rather an obscure record this one, but that's what we're here for! See NewsReel for quotes on Henry's equallling the record (against Newcastle on 9th Feb 2003)

Most goals in a single top-flight English match: 7 (Ted Drake)
Drake scored the lot as Arsenal beat Aston Villa 7-1 at Villa Park on Dec 14th 1935. See Steve Gleiber's history pages. In all Drake had 9 efforts on goal. One of the ones that didn't go in hit the crossbar, the other was saved!

Most decades in which league has been won by individual captain: 3 (Tony Adams)
Not an oft-talked-about record, but an amazing feat worthy of mention. Tony Adams picked up the top-flight league trophy in 3 separate decades: 1989, 1998, 2002.

Oldest player on England debut: 38 (Leslie Compton)
38 years and 64 days to be precise, the age that Arsenal centre-half Compton (L) was when he won his first cap for England in a 4-2 win over Wales at Sunderland on 15 November, 1950. Unlikely to ever be beaten! See Leslie Compton page at the Jack Kelsey fan club.

Fastest goal ever in UEFA Champions League: Gilberto (20.07 seconds)
PSV Eindhoven vs Arsenal. Stage 1 match 2 of the 2002-2003 campaign.

Fewest wins in "modern" top-flight season: 3
Established by Woolwich Arsenal in 1912-1913 (38 matches).
All-time top-flight record of 2 held by Stoke City 1889-1890 season (22 matches).
Obviously aggrieved that we had to some extent stolen their thunder, our modern record of 3 was subsequently equalled by Stoke in 1984-1985 season, when they had an extra 4 games to fail to win. So on balance I guess they "win" this one.

Lowest league-winning points total (!): 54
The Arsenal side that won the league in 1952/53 did so with just 54 points, the least ever with an average of just 1.286 points per game. They pipped Preston on goal everage.

Trophies won on every day of the week
We don't believe that any other team can match this, but have to admit to not having checked exhaustively! The following is obviously not an exhaustive list of Arsenal's trophies (!) but we have listed at least one for each day of the week, and have included all those for which Arseweb has a page to link to.
Monday League title 1971
Tuesday Fairs Cup 1970
Wednesday Cup-Winners Cup 1994, League title 2002
Thursday FA Cup 1993
Friday League title 1989
Saturday FA Cup 2002, FA Cup 1998
Sunday League title 1998, League Cup 1993, League Cup 1987

Most exciting finishes
See Arseweb's Last-Gasp Arsenal goals page for a whole load of thrilling finishes to Arsenal matches. It includes the latest championship-deciding goal (Anfield 1989, in case you need to be told) and the most exciting finish to an FA Cup Final (vs Man Utd 1979). We won it in the dying seconds in 1993 as well, vs Sheffield Wednesday.

Unbeaten sequence extending over most seasons: 3
Starting with the end of 2002/03, going the whole of 2003/04, and then there's the start of 2004/05. See longest unbeaten sequence entries above. Forest's unbeaten sequence of 42 stretechd over only 2 seasons, and the PNE invincibles lost the first game of the following season.

Yes, it's a bit obscure.

Arsenal Club records

this section collated by Derek Brownjohn who does the Arseweb history/stats section

Note that the records listed above this section will be club records too. Some are also listed below, some are not.

Youngest goalscorer
Cesc Fabregas, 16 years 212 days. 5-1 win vs Wolves, League Cup, December 2 2003
Previous holder was the legendary Cliff Bastin (holder of the club's all-time goalscoring record before Ian Wright), who scored his first goal for Arsenal in January 1930 at the ripe old age of 17 years 296 days.
Youngest premiership goalscorer
Cesc Fabregas. 17 years 113 days. In the 3-0 win over Blackburn that clinched the unbeaten run record (see above). Not the most memorable of efforts, since he just deflected a Gilberto header over the line from a foot out. But he had deserved it after 3 fantastic performances.
Previous record-holder was Nicolas Anelka at 18 years 230 days. In a memorable 3-2 home win over Man Utd, the one where Nic scored early, Paddy scored a screamer from the edge of the box, and after Sheringham got 2 to bring United level Platt popped up to head in a late corner. Arsenal went on to win the double.
Youngest European goalscorer
Cesc Fabregas. 17 years 217 days. A really cute goal against Rosenborg in the Champs League, 7/12/04. This made Cesc the second-youngest Champs League scorer ever. The youngest, Peter Ofori-Quaye, was playing for Olympiakos in 1997, also against Rosenborg.
Youngest player
Cesc Fabregas, 16 years 177 days. League Cup win vs Rotherham (on pens), League Cup, October 28 2003. (Previously Jermaine Pennant)
Youngest premiership player
Cesc Fabregas, 17 years 103 days. 4-1 win over Everton August 15th 2004. (Beating Gavin McGowan's record, set vs Sheff Wednesday on 06/05/1993, by a week)
Biggest Premiership win
7-0 vs Middlesbrough (h), January 15th 2006 (see report).
7-0 vs Everton (h), May 11th 2005.
Biggest League win
12-0 vs Loughborough (h), Div 2, March 12 1900
Biggest League defeat
0-8 vs Loughborough (a), Div 2, December 12 1896
Biggest FA Cup win
11-1 vs Darwen (h) 3rd round 1932 (although we also beat Ashford Utd 12-0 in a "first qualifying match" on Oct 14th 1893 - not sure if this counts!)
Biggest FA Cup defeat
0-6 vs Derby County (h) 1st round 1899, 0-6 vs West Ham (a) 3rd round 1st leg 1946
Biggest League Cup win
7-0 vs Leeds United (h) 2nd round 2nd leg 1979/80
Biggest League Cup defeat
0-5 vs Chelsea (h) 4th round 1990/91
Biggest European win
7-0 vs Standard Liege (Belgium) (a) 2nd round 1st leg Cup Winners Cup 1993/94
Biggest European defeat
2-5 vs Spartak Moscow (USSR) (h) 1st round 2nd leg UEFA Cup 1982/83
Biggest Champs League win
Home and away records are the same: 5-1 away to Inter in the 03/04 campaign, and then home to Rosenborg in 04/05.
Most goals scored in a League season
127 - 1930/31
Most consecutive home wins
12. Starting with 4-1 win over Fulham on 25/02/02 and ended by 2-1 loss to Blackburn on 26/10/02.
We're not sure when the previous record was set, but we believe it was 11.
Fewest goals scored in a League season
26 - 1912/13
Most goals conceded in a League season
86 - 1926/27, 1927/28
Fewest goals conceded in a League season
17 - 1998/99
Most wins in a League season
29 - 1970/71
Fewest wins in a League season
3 - 1912/13
Fewest defeats in a League season
0 - 2003/2004 (a modern top-flight record, see above)
Longest unbeaten start to season
38 - 2003/2004 (all season) previous record was 23 in 1990/91. Also an all-comers record, naturally (see above
Most consecutive wins in a League season
13 - 2001/02: Premiership record (see above) and equals record no. of consecutive wins in the top division, set by Tottenham over the course of 2 seasons in 1960
Most points in a League season
66 - 1930/31 (2pts/win, 42 games - 1.571 pts/game)
90 - 2003/04 (3pts/win, 38 games - 1.684 pts/game on 2pts/win scale). The 3pt/game record is 92 by Man Utd (1993/94) who also got 91 in 1999-2000. Liverpool (87/88) and Everton (84-85) have also achieved 90.
Most away points in a League season
47 - 2001/02 (3pts/win, 38 games - 1.737 pts/game on 2pts/win scale): top division record - only other team to go full season undefeated away from home was Preston NE in 1888/89 when they played only 11 games (and averaged 1.727 pts/game)
Most consecutive away wins in a League season
8 - 2001/02: Premiership record (see above)
Fewest points in a League season
18 - 1912/13
Most 1st class goals in a season
42 - Ted Drake, 1934/35
Most goals scored by single player in a game
7 - Ted Drake in 7-1 win vs Aston Villa (a) Dec 14 1935
Most consecutive scoring appearances
12 - Ian Wright in 1994-1995, stretching from the ECWC game against Omonia Nicosai on 15/09/1994 to the leageu game against Leicester on 23/11/1994. Thsi run also included 7 successive Premiership appearances, an Arsenal record held equally with Thierry Henry. Henry is second with 10 in 1999-2000 (see this newsreel piece). This sequence included the 7 consecutive Premiership games referred to above. This was an all-comers record but it's been broken by Ruud van Nistelrooy on 8. See report of 3-3 draw with Sheff Wednesday on 09/05/00. Henry's goal in that match equalled the record held by Alan Shearer and Mark Stein. Thierry's next Premiership appearance was the first game of the next season, a 1-0 loss at Sunderland.
Most 1st class appearances for Arsenal
722 - David O'Leary, 1975 - 1993
Most league appearances for Arsenal
558 - David O'Leary, 1975 - 1993
Highest "Home" attendance
73707 - vs RC Lens at Wembley, 1998
Highest attendance at Highbury
73295 - vs Sunderland, 1935
Biggest fee paid
13.0 million pounds to Bordeaux (FRA) for Sylvain Wiltord, August 2000
Biggest fee received
23.5 million pounds from Real Madrid (SPA) for Nicolas Anelka, August 1999
30.0 million pounds from Barcelona (SPA) combined fee for Marc Overmars and Emmanuel Petit, August 2000

Many thanks to everyone who has sent information for this page. There are too many to mention. If you have anything to add (or correct) please email us.

A selection of other clubs' records

Records lost by Arsenal

Fewest goals against in Premiership season: 17
Established in so-near-so-far 1998-1999 season.
Top-flight and overall English record is 16, set by Liverpool in the old division 1 1978-1979 (and, to be fair, that was over a longer 42-game season).

This record was beaten by Chelsea in 2004-05 when they only conceded 15 goals (also a new top-flight and English record, but see caveat about Liverpool's fewer matches above) .

Other noteworthy records

Fewest matches played by a Premiership club's season: 40
This momentous target was reached by Tottenham Hotspur in the 2005-06 season. They crashed out of both domestic cup competitions at the first hurdle, and were not playing in Europe. This gave them the grand total of 40 matches (38 Premiership, 1 League Cup, 1 FA Cup) which the fewest possible for a Premiership club, making them the only Premiership club to achieve this millstone.


  • Arseweb history and stats section by Derek Brownjohn (also contains more stats links)
  • "Ask Albert": Match of the Day's footballing sage Albert Sewell answers football trivia questions submitted by the public (you can ask your questions here too)
  • "The Knowledge: the Guardian website's football trivia answering service
  • English football records from the English Football Archive. (some of their entries are out-of-date, they haven't quite caught up with Wenger's Arsenal!
  • The English Football Archive also have a lot more stuff hidden away in this directory listing
  • RSSSF, the statistics foundation. Anoraktastic.
  • Football Statistics links from Lycos

* Explanation of the mis-spelling "David Roycastle" for overseas Gooners (and those from a different generation to mine!):

Roy Castle was a multi-talented musician and tap dancer turned actor and TV presenter, who presented a long-running childrens TV programme called "Record Breakers" on which he set a good number of records himself. The show was produced by the BBC in association with the McWhirter brothers (the Guinness book of records people).

Check out Roy singing the fantastic theme song.

Like David, Roy died of cancer. He had lung cancer despite never having smoked, and blamed it on passive smoking in jazz clubs etc. He spent his last years tirelessly campaigning, and an excellent charity was established in his name.

Our Rocky was sometimes affectionately referred to on the terraces as "David Roycastle". Well, by me and a few others, at any rate!

The "If you wanna be the best" and "dedication's what you need" on the Newsreel announcement of this page come from another song Roy Castle sang on the programme (sadly I can't find an audio clip of it but here's some of the lyrics).

RIP David and Roy

Incidentally, another way to help Cancer Research is to use your computer's spare processor time to help the search for useful compounds. Check out the United Devices project, where Arsenal fans have set up the David Rocastle remembered "team".

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